Art & Research


Art is one of the reason why life is so interesting; to me art represent the research of the intricate connections between simplicity and complexity in order to transform any emotion into beauty. Is a path of humility, ignorance and patience that must lead to the unknown.

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Art is also the glue of human experience between philosophy and physiology; is a never ending learning process… The more I study the more I believe that understanding the connection between those 3 elements (art, physiology and philosophy) is the key to unveil complexity. What I found amazing is the huge amount of tools we have built as society in order to finally find a balanced place in the environment we live in, everyone should just put himself to work and go for it. If for one is impossible to do everything, is also true that everything can be done by everyone ūüėČ



Those are my favorites studying ¬†resources, most of them available online for free from any digital device ūüôā

I collect notes about biology and experiments in the Bio-Int software that are publicly available at this link:


Best Mooc Provider

Language learning:


Choose what you are most interested of, some courses required some background but if you really what to learn a new topic you will find all missing information online, just search for it. The contemporary education revolution is one of the most relevant event of all times!!!

If you have any doubt about it, take a moment a watch a few TED talks about it

I am a¬†fellow Coursera student¬†and I strongly suggest to anyone to experience a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) because is totally worthy the time and the energy required ūüôā