Earth is a small planet, full of human beings
not ready for the big changes ahead:
“How do we get ready?” 
This is the main question that leads my steps.



My name is Federico Moro, I have been living and working in different communities, cultures, and industries since 2000; I have experienced the global culture getting involved as professional in communication, performing artist, and social worker in the field and research on paper and digital media.

Today I offer my help to the communities, small companies, NGOs as a consultant: my focus is on innovative development through education and technology.

My research topic is between physiology, philosophy, and art; my main understanding tool is Systems Theory and all the accessible knowledge I can find.

I live my research through travel, education, and stage performances.

In this website, you will find a showcase of my work 

Note for English readers:

One section of this website is in Italian, I posted there all my writings: short novels, articles, and papers.

French and Spanish readers:

I do speak your language if you want to contact me fell free to do so 🙂

Nota per lettori italiani:

Il sito è in inglese… 🙂 c’è però una nutrita sezione in italiano con racconti di narrativa, satira, articoli di divulgazione informatica e due saggi sullo sviluppo del web che raccontano la storia del web 2.0 e del cloud computing. In coda alla pagina ci sono i link al Videoblog in italiano che ho tenuto tra il 2006 e il 2007.