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My name is Federico Moro, I have been living and working in different communities, cultures, and industries since 2000; I have experienced the global culture getting involved as professional in communication, performing artist, and social worker in the field and research on paper and digital media.

Today I offer my help to the communities, small companies, NGOs as a consultant: my focus is on innovative development through education and technology.

My research topic is between physiology, philosophy, and art; my main understanding tool is Systems Theory and all the accessible knowledge I can find.

I live my research through travel, education, and stage performances.

In this website, you will find a showcase of my work 

Earth is a small planet, full of human beings
not ready for the big changes ahead:
“How do we get ready?” 
This is the main question that leads my steps.

Note for English readers:

One section of this website is in Italian, I posted there all my writings: short novels, articles, and papers.

French and Spanish readers:

I do speak your language if you want to contact me fell free to do so 🙂

Nota per lettori italiani:

Il sito è in inglese… 🙂 c’è però una nutrita sezione in italiano con racconti di narrativa, satira, articoli di divulgazione informatica e due saggi sullo sviluppo del web che raccontano la storia del web 2.0 e del cloud computing. In coda alla pagina ci sono i link al Videoblog in italiano che ho tenuto tra il 2006 e il 2007.

Travel notes, images and videos

In 2005 I started my journey, I was based in China from 2005 until 2012, then South-East Asia for a couple of years, I had the chance to travel and work in East Africa and across Europe and my plan is to keep going.

There is a facebook page that tells the story of my trip with photos and videos: please have a look and place a like or share for anything you can find interesting.

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On the road:


In 2007 I started a road trip to Melbourne with the idea of traveling only by surface means. Many adventures and a few issues later in 2014, I managed to reach Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The plan at that point was to keep going by boat to Indonesia and south to the final destination.

Life goes often different than what we plan and I had to get back to Italy for personal reasons. As soon as possible I’ll be back on the road and I will be better equipped than before.

Videoblog 2007-2012


Italian Videoblog 2006-2007