I believe that the first and most important education should be about health and social interaction. We are what our physiology allow us to be; the more we know about our self, the more  we can feel confident in engaging the with the surrounding environment

is an education concept that uses movement and games as tools to enhance physical and social development, my core skill in education is designing sustainable and modular education programs built on local needs and resources

I apply and develop this method during several years of teaching and training with extremely positive results. In this page, you can find the links to my works and the most relevant resources and tools I use.

Health education and Social Work

At the beginning of the year 2015 the leading word for the UN department of economics and social affairs (UN-DESA) is sustainability. The goals proposed by the MDGs are on their path to be accomplished, and “- as a follow-up to Rio+20, the Secretariat of the Conference – the Division for Sustainable Development within UN-DESA – is launching a new web portal; the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform (SDKP)”

Health and education are the key components for any action that lead to social inclusion that is needed to achieve the sustainable development we must reach in order to develop as a species without compromising our living environment.


Real world statistics easy to read and understand:

I have been working as trainer and health educator in Africa and Asia for local NGO as well as national and international organizations. You can find in the above yellow section the link to the Essential Health education Manual developed in Lhasa Tibet during a 3-month project.


The work was later developed into a more complex training program that focuses on the rehabilitation and social reintegration of child soldiers, orphans, and other war victim minors into new communities you can find on this page. My goal is providing tools to enable changes considering the social and cultural barriers and let the people work with tools and problems in order to find their best solution to face and pass obstacles.

Contemporary Education – Deep Dive

Want to know more about contemporary education? Follow this deep dive to get an idea, here you will find talks on the topic and links to the best online resources I found so far.

if you want to get started to learn something new with a today approach find some time a quiet room with a computer (a printer, pens, and papers can also be useful 😉 )

Beside are listed the most reliable education software I found, I am a fellow Coursera student and the list of courses I took and finish (that means I enjoy them a lot) are at some point on my LinkedIn profile.

Relevant ted talks about education:

Ken Robinson playlist on education

My documentary playlist on youtube

age of susteainble dev cover

Interesting readings to see things from different prospectives:


Nearly 1000 Universities courses

the best free sources for math and science

need to learn a new language?

Looking for a Computational Knowledge Engine?

Here you go….

About WolframAlpha
and his creator

Search papers and articles

Look for academic papers in google database, build bibliography and references in few clicks, save favorites papers and add your work to share

Go to Google Scholar

Education is one my favorites topic, research and working field; I have been working in education since 1997 in several different areas training and mentoring kids at the beginning until I was old and experienced enough to work in professional education and education program consultant.

To my understanding: the contemporary education revolution is one of the most relevant events of all times!!!

We moved in last few millennia from a world with scarce and difficult to reach information into a word where knowledge is mostly free and abundant. sure, there is a lot of rubbish as it has always been, but the quality of the contents is progressively increasing.

Today, continuous education is more than an option: the emerging complexity of life require a deeper spread knowledge and understanding of the world around us.


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VR – Education: Suggested programs


The next leap in education-technology is about Virtual Reality, there are already lots of interesting content that are available for free. Still, the cost for a full VR ready system is very high and today you can mostly access demo content to have an idea about the future.
150€ Virtual Reality Setup for - i5 PC -

Here is all you need to make it work:

First of all: see if the minimum requirement for your PC and your phone matches:, remember that you will not be able to access all VR software because some VR program requires a lot of computing power (there is a reason why proper VR headset and VR ready computer are expensive)

You need an account on Steam & Oculus (most of VR free/paid content is listed there), register and install the store software on your computer

What you buy:

Headset: I use got a Lakento:, is comfortable and have good lenses, you can find lots of solution on ebay/Amazon, don’t go too cheap. 30/40€ is a decent budget or you risk to get a kid size box that will make you dizzy

Vridge desktop software: about 15€, there is a timed trial version, start with that, then you’ll buy it 😉

Leap Motion: Dev Bundle – 80€

What you download (for free) and need to install:

Orion Driver

Leap Motion SteamVR Driver


Hand Gestures

Video example:
(see more tutorial links in video description)


Simplicity & Complexity


My research started looking for the connection between philosophy, physiology, and art. I found this three topic quite interesting to cross over, because, to me, they are the clearest expression of the human kind and his fundamental structure (a body with a mind and a soul). in 2013/2014 I took a one year time to focus on study and explore the 3 topics. Beside and below you can see the concept table I developed during that period. In the middle of the process, I found out about The general System Theory and start to develop a model to explain reality I am still working today on.

Another important step was to see the possible application of the GST in my work as a performer, educator, and consultant, there are many! I am currently exploring the implication of GST in education focusing on Global Health and human development and the impact that new technologies will have on life in the coming future. you can get a glimpse of it from the resource tools and data I posted on this page.


The origin of life

Life chemistry

What is life?

Body & Brain

To my understanding so far:


  • Reality is a shared experience built by life over time and matter;
  • Everything is linked trough simple systems rules that are self-generated by the elements that compose the system.
  • Every element needs to be connected at least to another in order to survive and their interaction affects them, and the system as a whole.
  • Rules allow the elements to interact with coherence and develop trough time
  • Systems have emerging properties that means that the simplicity of rules allow complex interactions to happens with unprecedented features and functions
  • Every element is a system itself and you can break it down until you reach the quantum world, at that point my understanding kind of fade…. 😉

Built a Lab:

In order to run experiments and study a proper working space is needed, it mostly requires only a free space and some time to find material and furniture.

I found a lot of stuff available for free in forgotten basement and recycling point. Most of the tools you will need to work can be found at a reasonable price at the hardware store and online.

My Lab Archive

The 12 September 2015 I installed a weather station on my roof in Miasino, all data are linked to at the following address:

Weather station: Villa Nigra

Visit the page for full description of weather events

Villa Nigra PWS on other weather networks: